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Bill "Fatback" Curtis

drummer & founder

Bill Curtis has been in the music business for more than 35 years, working with and for some of the most renowned artists of this century such as: Sil Austin, Red Prysock & Big Maybell, Bill Doggett, Paul Williams, and Clyde McPhatter. From 1951-54 he lent his talent to both the 33rd Army Band and 7th Army Special services. The crowning achievement in his career has come as the founding member and guiding force behind the creation of the Fatback band in 1970.

Cordell "Pete" Everett

vocalist & bassist

Bill Cordell “Pete” Everett was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 1998, “Pete” became a participating member of the band. As well as an excellent bass guitarist, Pete is a great vocalist. Pete has been in several bands including: Soul Serenades, Chocolate Buttermilk, Ice, The Prodical Sons, and Total Package. Pete strives to become one of the most prominent bass players as well as a great vocalist.

Ed Jackson


Ed Jackson is an accomplished saxophonist. He joined Fatback in the early eighties. His wide range of styles is evident in the musicians he has worked with: Roy Haynes,T.S. Monk, Melba Moore, Bobby Watson, Ilinois Jacquet, Weldon Irvine, The Count Basie Band, Donald Blackman, Denzil Miller, Bernard Wright, Jaki Byard, David Jackson, Jr., Ran Blake, Sam Rivers, and Tom Varner. He is also the founder of the internationally acclaimed 29th Street Saxophone Quartet, a group he has extensively recorded and toured with.

Isabella Dunn Gordon


Isabella Dunn Gordon is our new singer from Bicester/Oxfordshire. We are happy to have her join the Fatback Family.

Ledjerick Todd Woods


Ledjerick Woods was born in Fayetteville, NC . He became a participating member of the renowned Fatback Band in 2002. He attended Fayetteville State University majoring as a Music Major from 1990-1995, participating in all bands during this time. He also studied jazz under the supervision of the late, Mr. Malachi Sharpe who influenced a great number of musicians in Fayetteville. Ledjerick has had much experience playing with many of the better musicians in the area.

George Williams


George Williams was born in Florence, South Carolina. He has been a part of the Fatback band for over 30 years. At an early age he performed in various clubs including the Apollo in NYC with Kenny Ballard and the Soul Brothers. He went on to record on an album with them. He has worked with such legends as John DesChamps(his uncle) Don Harrison ,Earl Shelton,Willie Bridges,Calvin Massey,a great friend of John Coltrane whom he had the pleasure of playing a church concert with, and Cedar Walton.

Darryl McAllister


Darryl McAllister was born in Fayetteville, NC and grew up in a small town next door called Raeford. His mother and father were well known gospel singers locally. He began his professional career touring and recording with gospel groups and playing in musicals on the east coast. McAllister studied in jazz and classical workshops during the summers of his college years. He has played with various southern soul recording artists including Jesse James, the Love Doctor and Greg A. Smith. He has opened for diverse acts such as the Neville Brothers, Cold Play, LTD, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Silk, Ready for the World and Mother’s Finest. McAllister holds graduate degrees in behavioral health and psychology. He is a certified performance coach and licensed psychotherapist.

Bob "Zoot" James


Bob James is a recent member of the Fatback Band, Heis a graduate of Hampton University, and got his Masters at the University of Tennessee. He has played in various other bands around Fayetteville, NC, Hampton, VA, and Knoxville, TN before joining Fatback.

Gerry Thomas


Since the release of their first album back in 1971 on the now-defunct Perception label, Curtis and bassist Johnny Flippen have anchored the crucial Fatback rhythm section. But members Gerry Thomas on keyboards, Johnny King on guitar and George Williams on trumpet — still around after all these years — are equally important to this "driving force."

Johnny Flippen

bassist, writer, singer, percussionist

Born in Brooklyn,NY, Johnny Flippen is one of the original members, joining in the 70's. He played with Bill Doggett for five years before joining Fatback, and played club dates in and around New York City. He likes to write when he is not involved with music.

Johnny King

guitarist, singer, writer, producer

John W. King was born in Rock Hill, SC. He is one of the original members, joining in 1970, and has been off and on with the group ever since. Before Fatback he played with Bill Doggett for five years. In the sixties he played inGospel groups in and around the Carolina area before coming to New York . He owns an Electronic repair shop and Recording studio, in South Carolina, and in his free time he takes up photography.


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