(l to r) Robin Dunn, Deborah Cooper and Desiree Dunn

WILD SUGAR, three Young ladies who started from the beginning as dancer but then there were only two Robin Dunn and Nona Johnson for some reason Nona quit before we had the first show with the girls and Robin brought in her sister Desiree Dunn. As time went by they were the show; started singing and dancing., so we decide to bring in a lead girl singer Debra Cooper this was the making of Wild Sugar and the background singers for the Fatback Band. When Deborah left the group she was replace by Linda Blakely from Louisville, KY who was called the 'Mean Machine', she earned that name for her dynamic performance on stage. Elaine Lockley and Janice Christie were also members of the group Wild Sugar when led by Robin Dunn, who did the choreography. Wild Sugar never did record an album, but did released a 45 single on TSOB Records called “Messin Around and Bring Here”. Wild Sugar also featured on "Wild Dreams”, a track on the Fatback albums "Bright Lights Big City”  https://youtu.be/u0TlvSQQqII

Wild Sugar played a very important part of that puzzle that made The Fatback Band. I’m forever Graceful.

Bill 'Fatback' Curtis.